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Lake Como Style!

Lake Como has become a popular touristic attraction thanks to its stunning mountain peaks,, the deep blue waters, and the lush gardens of the Villas. The Lake is a true reflection of the Italian lifestyle – la dolce vita.

We at Varenna Holidays are delighted to assist you in planning your stay in Varenna and the surrounding area, and are committed to provide services of the highest quality; that will make you fall in love, and have you planning your next trip to Lake Como.

Stay at Casa Ferrari, an historical house in Varenna!

Casa Ferrari is a historical Italian style house located in the heart of Varenna, just 50 meters from the refreshing waters of the lake. Recently renovated, the house has maintained some of the original architectural charm, such as the vaulted ceiling and the rustic wooden beams of the upper level. The wonderful combination between the old elements and the modern touches, along with the breathtaking views, make this house an absolute gem.

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Rent a boat and get “wowed”!

Whether you enjoy an exclusive tour with aperitivo on board, or a shared boat experience, rest assured you will create memories that will last a lifetime. Your captain will take you on a journey to experience the Lake from another perspective. Get charmed by the historical villages, the flowers blooming, the colorful houses, and the buzzing of the people from the distance. Relax and enjoy the view.

Our professional team members are at your disposal to answer all your questions and assist you in creating a customizable experience for you and yours.

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Bring a piece of Lake Como with you!

As you stroll through the narrow alleys of Varenna, don’t miss our new addition! Nested in an rustic cellar that was repurposed, the Varenna Holidays’ brand has opened its own boutique this summer and has partnered with Acqua Del Lario, a manufacturer from the area, to bring to you unique and exclusive products. Inspired by the scenery and the traditions of Lake Como, the craftsmen at Acqua del Lario have been focusing on the high-quality raw materials to create elegant accessories along distinctive fragrances. Our boutique is a proud carrier of MADE IN ITALY products.

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