We love tourists that arrive on Lake Como and Varenna: this is the reason of the birth of Varennaholidays.it

Varennaholidays.it starts in 2016 as a new project to complete the scenery of the activities that Molteni Real Estate does from over 35 years. We have been operating in the real estate market, especially in Varenna town and nearby towns, for a lot of years and this experience allows us to offer a range of high-quality services and a serious professional structure to our customers, with results of guaranteed quality.

Our activity, together with the holiday rentals, is defined “a service at 360°”: from the real estate brokerage to the building constructions, from the property management to the renovations and maintenance and much more.

With our customer package and our professionalism, we hope to grow professionally day by day, but, above all, we hope to help people arriving in Varenna and Como Lake on holiday to feel at home in the best way. When you stay in Varenna we are sure that you fall in love with the atmosphere, the colours, the flavours, the history of this beautiful town. But to have a great memory of your holiday it is important to have a pleasant stay in a clean, cosy and warm apartment.

Our staff works to make this situation possible in order to best frame your dream of holiday on Lake Como.


Do you have a second house that you would like to rent but do you don’t have enough time to do it? Entrust it to us and you will no longer have to think about anything!

The rental of holiday homes, especially in tourist areas such as ours, is a fast-growing activity. This is why we offer you our collaboration to manage buildings that may have been closed and forgotten, or worse, seen only as a cost by the owners.

Our company manages at 360° the properties on behalf of the owners, offering a wide range of services in a professional and up-to-date environment. The activity of 'holiday home' provides a series of obligations indeed. We are here to think about them and you can relax knowing that your property is in good hands!

Before starting, we set an appointment to talk together about the property and your needs, so that we can customize the management contract and answer to all your questions. You can be sure that your home is entrusted to professionals who love their job and have been doing it for many years in a serious and passionate way.

Feel free to contact us without obligation to get more information: we will be happy to help you in evaluating together every aspect to discover the world of holiday homes!