General conditions


Booking contract


These terms and conditions (the "Booking Contract") are binding for the owner or manager of the structure ("owner" or "manager") and for travellers who book the structure (the "structure") through Varenna Holidays Website (the "website"). Each of these bookings is indicated in the booking contract as a "reservation". Any references to "the user" or "users" are intended to designate the person making the booking and all the persons to whom the booking refers.

All reservations are subject to the Booking Agreement. This Booking Agreement contains the entire agreement between users and owners and constitute the contractual documentation. We therefore recommend that you read them carefully. No clause or provision contained in this Booking Agreement will have any effect on the rights of the user recognized by law.


Booking and payment procedure

Send the booking to the owner through Varenna Holidays website and pay the amount provided as a deposit for the booking. Once the booking is made, this Booking Contract will be effective from the moment Varenna Holidays receives the entire fee due for the structure or deposit, according to payment conditions.

The user is required to pay the cleaning service fee and all additional services booked, when paying the balance through bank transfer, paypal or by credit card 7 days before check-in date. Local tax will be settled during check-in.

The user is required to carefully check all the details of the quote before making any payments to Varenna Holidays by virtue of the booking, and to inform the owners immediately in the event of errors or omissions.

Cancellation or modification of the reservation by the user

If it is necessary to cancel or modify the reservation, the owners must be informed by email in a timely manner. The cancellation or modification of the reservation will not be effective until the receipt by the owners of the confirmation sent by the user. The cancellation policy described in the confirmation email governs the management of the booking, and the owner will refund any amounts due to the user in accordance with the agreed cancellation policy.

In the event that: certain amounts owed as a balance are not paid within the deadlines defined in the cancellation procedure or the user does not show up at the property within 24 hours of the arrival date without having previously informed the owner, the owner will have the right to consider the reservation as cancelled by the user. The relevant cancellation policy will therefore be applicable.


Cancellation or modification of the reservation by the owner

Normally the owners do not make changes to the already agreed and accepted reservations. However, problems may sometimes arise that make it necessary to modify or, more rarely, cancel a reservation.

In this case, the user will be contacted within a reasonably useful time and informed of the cancellation or modification of the reservation. If the booking is cancelled by the owners, the user will be reimbursed for any amount already paid. However, the owners disclaim any responsibility for reimbursement for any fees paid to third parties in relation to the holiday (including by way of example, transport, entertainment, activity or insurance costs).



The user will be accepted at the facility starting from the time specified by the owner in the indication of the arrival date and will have to leave the structure within the time specified by the owner in the indication of the departure date. Schedules will be announced in writing and with due notice.

In case of late arrival, it is necessary to contact the contact person whose contact details are indicated in the booking confirmation email, in order to allow the adoption of the necessary measures. In case of missed notice, it will not be possible to access the structure. In case of no-show at the property by 00.00 on the arrival date, in the absence of prior notification of the delay, the owner reserves the right to consider the reservation as a no-show and penalty to the user will be applied according to the cancellation policy described in the booking confirmation.


User obligations

The user agrees to act in accordance with the provisions set forth in the guide available at the facility and any other provisions reasonably specified by the owner and to ensure compliance by all persons included in the booking. You agree to maintain and leave the facility, the furnishings, including items such as kitchen equipment, crockery and glasses in good condition.

The user agrees not to cause any damage to walls, doors, windows or other parts of the structure or to take any action that could reasonably be considered as harassing the owners or any occupants of adjacent or nearby structures.

You agree to take all necessary measures to protect your personal belongings during your stay at the property.

The user agrees to ensure that all persons included in the booking have tourist insurance coverage (which covers cancellation, flight delay, loss or damage to baggage and other personal effects) and health insurance coverage (which covers any expenses of evacuation or repatriation). The number of people occupying the structure must correspond exactly to the authorized number; it is forbidden to change the composition of the group during the stay. In the event of failure to comply with the aforementioned rules, the owner reserves the right to deny the user access to the structure or to request its immediate abandonment. In contractual terms, circumstances of this kind are similar to the procedures for cancelling the reservation by the user, therefore the owner will not be required to reimburse any sums already paid. The owner reserves the right to grant refunds at his discretion.

The user agrees to allow the owner or any representative to access the facility at reasonable times and times during your stay, for the purpose of essential repairs, in emergencies or to verify compliance with the Booking Agreement.



All necessary measures have been taken to guarantee users a fun and memorable vacation. Despite this, if users believe that the basis for submitting a complaint exists, it is essential to ensure that any corrective actions are implemented with due timeliness.

To this end, it is essential that, in the event of problems, users contact the owners in order to facilitate rapid resolution. It is often extremely complicated (sometimes impossible) to solve problems without

timely notification. The communication of any complaints to the owners during their stay at the facility normally allows immediate remediation of problem situations. In particular, complaints of a transitory nature (for example regarding the state of the places or the heating in the structure) cannot receive attention in the absence of a communication during the stay at the structure.

If it is not possible to remedy a problematic condition during the holiday, it will be necessary to send the owners a written communication, including via email, including all the details, within 28 days of the end of the stay, in order to obtain a possible reimbursement which will be considered and agreed by the owner.


Limitation of liability

The maximum liability in the event of losses resulting from a breach of this Booking Agreement by the owners is strictly limited to the amounts received by virtue of the booking. The owners decline any responsibility in case of losses not foreseeable due to the violation of the present booking contract. Losses due to breaches of the booking contract are understood to be losses contemplated by users and owners at the time the booking is confirmed.

The reservation refers to the purchase of a tourist service; the user therefore agrees to indemnify the owners from any liability in the event of losses of a commercial or other nature occurring to the detriment of the user himself.


Jurisdiction and applicable law

This Booking Agreement (including any non-contractual obligations arising under the same) stipulated between users and owners is governed by the laws in force in Italy. Both parties agree to entrust exclusive jurisdiction in the event of disputes or other disputes with the courts of Italy.


Any other business

The transfer to third parties of the reservation or other rights and responsibilities set forth in this Booking Agreement is not permitted, without prior written consent issued by the owners.

If, at any time, the provisions agreed in this Booking Agreement are deemed inapplicable for any reason, by virtue of any applicable law, such provisions will be invalidated; such invalidation will have no effect on the remaining provisions.

This Booking Agreement, together with the cancellation policy and the contents of the confirmation email, contains the entire agreement stipulated between the parties in relation to the booking and replaces any previous agreements, provisions or compromises between users and owners, in the form oral or written. No implicit or explicit declaration, commitment or promise, in oral or written form, made during

negotiation between users and owners, prior to the receipt of the confirmation email, will be considered binding if not explicitly expressed in this Booking Agreement. No protection is guaranteed to users and owners with respect to any false declarations made by one of the parties that have influenced the adhesion of the other party to this Booking Contract (except in cases where such false declarations were issued in a manner intentional); the only protections reserved to the parties are those provided for in the event of breach of the contract, as established in this Booking Agreement.

The owners disclaim any responsibility with respect to the violation of this Booking Agreement or any other liability arising from insolvency or delay resulting from circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the owners, including, by way of example, floods, fires, explosions or accidents


In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation  (GDPR) nr. 679/2016, we inform that, through the completion of forms, your personal details will be incorporated and held in the company files, with the purpose of being able to offer and provide you with our services. In addition, we inform you of the possibility to exercise the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with regard to your personal data, the company being responsible for the file.