Varenna Holidays' Newsletter

Embracing the season change

Lake Como is a wonderful destination all year around. Should the water be chilly in October and you don’t feel like swimming, nor taking a cold plunge, there are plenty of beautiful sunny days where you can appreciate any outdoor recreational activity, and enjoy the fall season in full bloom.

Enjoy the changing leaves in Varenna

Villa Guardini, a fascinating villa in Liberty style, is an historic accommodation known in Varenna as it was the summer home of Romano Guardini. He was a theologist, a renowned presbyter, and an Italian writer. During his stay in this Villa, he wrote “Lettere dal Lago di Como” (letters from Lake Como) which contains his reflections on the relationship between man, nature, and modernity. Like Guardini, you will find peace and inspiration being surrounded by the mountain peaks and the blue water of the Lake. This accommodation provides spacious rooms enriched with art déco furniture, a classic Italian garden with pergolas, ivy, and stone pillars.  Enjoy the foliage as you stroll through the Villa’s Garden and take in the beautiful Lake views.

Lago di Como: consigli per una gita fuori stagione
Lake Como foliage – photo by Gite in Lombardia

Let the adventure begin!

Take a day to venture on a bike ride in the Natural Reserve of Pian di Spagna and Lake Mezzola. Designated as a wildlife refuge in 1983, this beautiful sanctuary is located between the Northern part of Lake Como and Valtellina, a famous area known for their rich food and top-notch wine. You will be surrounded by mountain peaks, the sound of birds, and flat trails to explore. Select the level of difficulty and length of your desired route from the list of our recommended ones, and begin your adventure.  After your biking experience, take time for yourself to relax and enjoy the SPA in a local farmhouse. Finish off your day with a delicious lunch at “Ristorante Del Borgo” where you will taste seasonal, organic, and local products. All the produce is home grown and the raw materials are supplied by local farmers.  

Mezzola Lake

Bring back a memory with the scent of “Borgo”

In our Boutique in Varenna, Via Venini 136, you will find unique essences and scents from Lake Como. One of these being the scented candle “Borgo”, a woody and spicy fragrance that will remind you of the wood burning chimneys in the narrow alleys of the Lake’s villages. Cardamon, cinnamon, and saffron will awaken the desire to explore.