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We, at Varenna Holidays, are a short term rental business located in Varenna, a small town on Lake Como, in Northern Italy, an area known for its dramatic scenary, set against the foothills of the Alps. In 2016, Molteni Real Estate, created Varenna Holidays as an opportunity for people from all over the world to experience Lake Como.

Lake Como’s charm

Lovers’walk in Varenna

Lake Como, also known as Lario, is located in the Lombardy region and it is 50 km north of Milan. A glacier lake shaped as an inverted Y, it hosts the known towns of Bellagio, Varenna, Menaggio, Lecco, and Como. Lake Como is known for its blue waters, stunning mountain peaks, and relaxed lifestyle. It is an amazing place to enjoy nature, amazing food, and visit magnificent Villas and their gardens. In 2014, HuffPost (The Huffington Post until 2017), an American news website, described our Lario as the most beautiful lake in the World for its microclimate, precious Villas and villages. In addition, it has been a font of inspiration for writers, artists, and poets. Movie stars have stayed and owned properties on the lake as well, one of which being Villa Oleandra. Buongiorno, George Clooney!

Villa Monastero

Take a trip to visit us in Varenna!

Are you travelling in Northern Italy and you don’t have lots of time to spend in Lake Como? Take a day trip to Varenna and, with a direct train from Milan Central Station and with just a few bucks, you will arrive at destination in less than one hour. Varenna is a picturesque and charming village located on the Eastern shore of the lake. This elegant village is home to beautiful Villas and botanical gardens (such as Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi), the historical landmark of Castello di Vezio, and hiking trails (Sentiero del Viandante).

Do you have a few days to spend on the Lake? Book your stay with us, explore the surrounding towns, and experience what this area offers you by getting in touch with our Experiences’ office.

A 360 degrees experience

At the beginning of 2023, Varenna Holidays opened two additional branches: Varenna Holidays Experiences and Varenna Holidays Boutique. Our expert staff will be happy to tailor any experience/tour to your needs so that you and your loved ones can create unforgettable memories. Don’t forget to stop by our Boutique to pick unique and exclusive gifts – all MADE IN ITALY and HANDMADE IN ITALY.

Blog’s goal

We hope you have fond memories of your stay in Italy regardless of the location you may have stayed in and the places you may have visited. If you are planning your first trip to Italy and there might be questions you are pondering on, this blog is being created to give you tips for your trip to Bella Italia so that you have the best enjoyable experience. Last but not least, there will be a section for local recipes/food.

Stay tuned!